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Techoo is an Open Innovation and Technology Scouting platform.

We help organisations to collaborate with innovators, inventors, R&D labs and problem solvers from across the world.

Technology Scouting

We support companies in searching for information on recent available innovations and technologies to address specific technological needs.

Innovation & Commercialization

Get your product to market faster, We help bring bright ideas and innovations into the marketplace. We provide global market connect and a vast array of expertise, services, technology commercialization, intellectual property licensing, and start-up business development.

Product Development can help companies and entrepreneurs  to develop new innovative products, solutions & ventures through our tech ecosystem, comprising of product designers, scientists, researchers, engineers and consultants.

Open Innovation Consulting

Our experienced Open innovation consultants work with our clients to identify where they are in their Open Innovation journey and provide them with right solution to address their needs.

How Techoo can Help Companies to develop new products and solutions

Let it be App or web, IoT, Deeptech applications or business operations our ecosystem of designers, engineers, marketers, operations team offers a diverse range of technical & business experience, allowing us to tackle a wide array of challenges. We utilize small teams, comprised primarily of senior staff, along with our ecosystem partners who are given broad spans of control and accountability. These highly experienced and specialised teams provide services or solutions for developing a new product or supporting your business process or to assist you in the market launch.

Digital Platforms

Roll out your Online Startup with Business at ease. We provide a wide range of ready-made e-business platforms.

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