Runway management

All airports with turbojet traffic should own or have access to a CFME. This is the most reliable and accurate system for determining runway surface friction values.



1. Unbeatable Technology

  • Reliability in all weather conditions: no batteries required, no complicated and failure sensitive hydraulic or pneumatic systems
  • Simple, robust and practical design with measuring and reference wheels in line: redirecting reference wheel’s power to measuring wheel provides reduced drag and better stability
  • The easiest calibration check on the market, confirmed with one button operation
  • Accurate data validation
  • Unique self zero adjustment


2. improved Safety

  • Determine friction values so corrective action can be taken
  • Fast, continuous, accurate and reliable friction measurements for the entire length of the runway


3. low life-cycle cost

  • Aircraft can take more payload when friction is at a certain level (landing and take-off)
  • Precise information for scheduling maintenance such as snow and ice removal etc.
  • Precise information on a need to remove built-up rubber
  • Constant detailed information on the condition of the runway surface.


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