Robotic car charging system

A robotic charging system that can identify any electric vehicle in seconds. A camera can detect the make and model of each car as well as which charging port it uses. The car simply has to stop anywhere in the station to trigger the release of an extendable charging plug. This then charges the car in a matter of minutes, solving a huge problem for owners of e-vehicles.



The device was supposed to be added to Supercharger stations as part of autonomous driving ambitions in order to enable self-driving cars to recharge without anyone have to physically plug them in.

They have yet to materialize, but university researchers have now made a real version of the robot electric car fast-charging station – albeit with less of a cool science fiction look.

Researchers built prototypes of a “robot-controlled CCS fast charging system for electric vehicles.”

The group explains that the difficulty wasn’t as much with the robotics, but “the programming and integration of the sensor technology for an exact position and type recognition of the vehicle and charging socket.”

With the computer vision system that they developed, the robot could technically plug the cable in any electric car compatible with the CCS station.

Several companies are actually working on those solutions in order to make charging more convenient for the people who can’t stand the few seconds it takes to plug your car or more importantly, for the upcoming autonomous driving future.



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