Odoo ERP Installation & Hosting Service

$ 250.00

Odoo ERP or Odoo modules is a combination of different software packages. These are essential components for the successful functioning of any contemporary business enterprises. They help in streamlining all the activities to get the desired results. The main feature is that it enhances the effectiveness of all business aspects, and helps product statistics in real time. Apart from that it optimizes the decision-making process and simplifies both internal and external communication, which is essential for the success of an entity.



Provide better control in all perspectives
Odoo is famous because of its better control over costs. It allows the best use of business processes, stock status and payment monitoring. Today, OpenERP / Odoo have become an ideal part for any kind of business.
Odoo / OpenERP Hosting and Installation Service from Simplify Odoo
At ‘Marketnext’, we provide installation and hosting of Odoo / ERP. We have tremendous experience in terms of installation, implementation and hosting of ERP / Odoo systems.
Our ERP / Odoo installing and hosting services are an excellent choice for members/clients who are looking forward for high-end ERP /CRM/ Odoo installation solutions for their businesses. Our virtuous hosting and installation services avoid all the headaches related to Odoo installation or application. We also provide post installation services to help you get rid of any issues that you could face.
Key Features of Our Odoo Installation and Hosting Services are:
• Comprehensive OpenERP / Odoo feature set.
• Lead Management
• Invoicing
• Stock & Inventory
• Taxation
• Projects / Tasks
• Accounting
• HR
• Calendar


Price : USD 250 (installation & Basic Configuration)
Hosting : $20 / Per month


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