Hydrofoil Bike

Electric hydrofoil bike helps you fly above the waves with a 400 W motor. This is built on an aluminum frame with carbon fiber hydrofoils and propellor that lift the craft out of the water as you pick up speed.

Hydrofoils work like airplane wings underwater.



Hydrofoils work like airplane wings underwater. The faster the craft moves, the more lift is generated by the hydrofoils. By placing the hydrofoils and propeller at the bottom, they remain the only components left in the water at cruising speed, which means you need much less power and energy to maintain your speed.

This added efficiency helps it reach an average cruising speed of 11-14 km/h (6.8-8.7 mph), though Manta5 claims that experienced (and fit) users can achieve even higher speeds.

Power is provided by a combination of your own two legs and a 400 W electric bicycle mid-drive motor that adds power assist as you begin to pedal. The power assist is variable and user-selectable, meaning you can either get a harder workout or just fly around the bay with ease.

This is designed for both calm and choppy water, meaning you can operate it everywhere from lakes and rivers to even the open ocean


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