Our elearning Software provides Everything your team needs from an authoring platform to create, measure and manage high-quality elearning at scale.

These are some of the features of the Elearning software

a) Admin Controls

Everything your team needs from an authoring platform to create, measure and manage high-quality Elearning at scale

b) Brand Control

Control the branding of all your projects by saving formatting preferences such as colors, fonts, and logos. You can create multiple Styles and apply each one to as many projects as you like.

c) Analytics

The Analytics allows you to see details about how your whole course is performing. This includes the total number of learners, the completion rate, the location of learners, a breakdown of the devices used to access the course and the time spent on the course per session

See how learners progressed through your course on a per page basis

d) Collaboration & workflow

Leave feedback directly in the project, with comments linked to the part they refer to. Comments can be reviewed in the project or on the dedicated Review page, and marked as open or resolved

Review all open and resolved comments on the dedicated Review page

e) Content management

This is a centralized repository for all your account assets.

Manage all your assets in the same interface. Add descriptions to files, delete unneeded assets and upload multiple new assets at once.

The Media library also allows you to replace assets with a new one across all of the Projects it has been used in, keeping content up to date.

f) Assessments

Show learners their results using either an automatically generated Score Summary or a simple text Clip, which can display information such as the user’s score in any text box

g) Support & training

Speak to the  support team directly using the in-app live chat.

Join webinars and Q+A sessions led by the  experts to get an in-depth look at different features and elearning ideas.


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