Compostable bags

These Bio-bags are considered to be the preferred alternative to plastic materials, particularly film based plastic such as carry bags, garbage bags, and packing materials. This is because these materials are littered after the use and eventually end up in our landfill. This will cause serious problems in our farmlands and marine areas.



Compostable bags are made of natural polymers that are derived from naturally grown corn and other biodegradable materials. These are tested under International and Indian Standards by Central Institute of Plastic Technology (India) and Certified by Central Pollution Control Board. The compostability factor is measured by Indian Standard ISO 17088. The compostable materials also have ASTM D6400 (US Standard) and EN 13432( European Standard). As per the standard, the decomposition should happen within 180 Days.

On the other hand, bio-based bags have a natural capacity to compost within a period of 180 days and become manure. This enables the landfill to become fertile and enables batter farming. Even the bio-bags exposed to burning will not emit toxic fumes like plastic. This material can also be composted in Industrial Composting Machines.

The Products we deal as under.

1) Compostable Carry Bags

2) Compostable Garbage Bags

3) Compostable Mulch Films

4) Compostable Milk Films

4) Compostable Vegetable Roll Bags

5) Compostable Pouches

6) Compostable Food Grade Sheets


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