Bag dispenser

Sometimes the big bag is still swinging slightly on lowering so that it can easily tip on penetrating the bag. The moving handle gives in, and nothing breaks.



A bag dispenser is an informal term used to describe an investor who holds a position in a security that decreases in value until it descends into worthlessness. In most cases, the bag holder stubbornly retains their holdings for an extended period, during which time, the value of the investment goes to zero.


  • Open the first knot on the big bag outlet and push the tensioning ring onto the protruding discharge hose.
  • Position it on the discharge hose from underneath.
  • Pull the tensioning ring down, and fasten the tensioning ring with the discharge hose on it. Do not attach the tensioning ring at the top edge, but along the neck of the product.
  • Open the second knot on the outlet so that the content can run into it. Open the slide to empty.



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