AI Speaker

Speakers are an integral part of any home. A company called Second White has integrated artificial intelligence (AI) into its new speaker.
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Instead of speaking to a listener, it uses light to communicate mood. A light strip runs through the middle. This changes color depending on the music a person is listening to and is also used to determine mood, making for a multi-use speaker.



The built-in computer allows you to control your voice so you can listen to your favorite radio, songs, podcasts, and audiobooks, ask about the weather and search for information on websites. This platform allows voice control of devices, event detection and automation of controls. You decide whether to control your voice and application or voice and remote control. The system is based on proven open-source solutions, thanks to which we can communicate and control over a thousand platforms and components.

The origins of the history of the speaker can be started with the saying “need is the mother of inventions”. We wanted to build a blind radio with a radio remote control for a blind person. The device was created on the basis of a mini Raspberry Pi computer, a music server and a proprietary plugin. Over time, more features appeared, such as voice control, weather checking, Wikipedia search, music, radio, audiobook and podcasts. We are constantly developing the capabilities of the device and adding more services.


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