4-way forklift


A forklift designed for multipurpose use. With Omnidirectional wheels, telescopic boom and high-efficiency technique it set a new standard for the industry. Alternative tools and quick change of battery make it useful 24 hours per day. Perfect for long goods handling in narrow spaces.

Ergonomic design and full view for the driver to reduce the risk of accidents in the industry. The driver can always drive in a direction where he or she, from the driver seat, has full sight of the path. The driver control panels are situated on the left and right armrests. Left panel for lifting purpose and right for driving control.


A unique all way forklift that not only moves like a 4-way forklift but in all directions – in 360°. This simplifies material handling within the warehouse, logistics, and production in a way that a traditional forklift cannot do. The mobility is based on the unique wheel.

  • Increased energy efficiency with AC -Synchronous motor drive and regeneration gives 30 to 50 % lower battery consumption.
  • Patented SAE safety system optimizes the capacity and helps the driver to avoid accidents.
  • High flexibility by the change of tools
  • Long loads in narrow spaces are the main advantage


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