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    Solar reserve project

    SolarReserve has been given permission to build a solar plant that uses molten salt to both collect and store energy. Most solar plants have always had an issue with storing electricity. But the Solar Energy Project won’t waste a thing. In fact, it will generate enough electricity to power 35% of all of the houses in South Australia.
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    It works by using over 10,000 tracking mirrors to push the sun’s rays onto a heat exchanger. Molten salt flows through this exchanger, absorbing the energy. It then flows into a thermal storage tank where it is kept until needed. When it’s time to be used, the salt is pumped into a steam generator where it gives enough heat to turn water to steam and generate electricity.

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    Big Data Projects

    Our end-to-end big data services provides our clients with valuable new information about their markets and customers with high quality information, well before their competitors. Our data scientists, engineers, and analysts are involved in solution development from the beginning, mapping out your data needs at the same time your hardware and software infrastructure is determined.

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    Data Analysis System


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