• 4G WIFI IP Camera

    4G WIFI IP Camera

  • Burglar-diterring speaker

    Burglar-diterring speaker

    A smart speaker that will deter any burglar. The speaker makes it appear as if someone is always at home. It does so by turning on lights and playing sounds like cooking at night or a running shower in the morning. Using LEDs, it can also simulate movement and create shadows. An accompanying app will allow people to customize the speaker so that would-be burglars will never hear the same sounds twice.

  • Ca-Zoom


  • Cyber robot

    Cyber robot

    These are decoy computer systems designed to deter hackers from their goal. A computer engineering team at Georgia Tech has upgraded the honeypot idea, designing a mobile robot that can travel around the factory.
    This only springs to life when a hacker is detected. It then tricks the hacker into thinking they are in control, physically responding to their commands while doing something else in the background. This gives companies plenty of time to study the hacker and potentially work out their identity.
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  • Personal Safety Device

    Personal Safety Device

    Personal safety device is the one-stop solution for all your personal safety needs.

  • Remote Controller

    Remote Controller

    Remote Controller is a wireless controller for alarm system or security hub. Using this controller, we can able to arm and disarm the system wthin RF range. It has four buttons and operate on battery.

  • Smart chat

    Smart chat

    A chatbot they say can fight online fraud by distracting scammers. The group, says online users can forward their scam email to Re: scam. The chatbot will then take over the conversation and will engage with the scammer, keeping them busy so that they can’t prey on any more victims.

  • Smart Hub With Cam

    Smart Hub With Cam

    SharpNode® 3S Camera is active and preventive system. It provides video stream with real time alarm notification to your smartphone and siren to produce alarm sound during any theft or unwanted incident happens while CCTV only records the video and no remote alert when any theft occurs.

  • Smart Plug

    Smart Plug

    Smart Plug to Control your electric appliances from just one tap from a mobile

  • Wireless Door Sensor

    Wireless Door Sensor

    Door Sensor Detector is the sensor that detects the opening or closing of the door or windows. It sends the notification on your phone when door sensor detects opening or closing of the door or windows. It is based on RF technology and operated on AA battery. Door Sensor Detector is compact and sleek in design.