• AI Food ordering

    AI Food ordering

    Customers will be able to attach their faces to their customer loyalty accounts. Then, when they come into one of the stores and approach the kiosk’s screen, the kiosk will use its facial recognition software to automatically access their account.
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    This will also remember their favorite order, making the whole process quick and easy. One day soon, customers will be able to pay with just their faces. Also working on robots that can flip burgers and can prep and cut up vegetables.
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  • e-food service

    e-food service

    Robots are starting to play an important role in restaurants

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  • Free Restaurant Point of Sale

    Free Restaurant Point of Sale

  • Hearing app- iHearu

    Hearing app- iHearu

    The app lets you know just how loud your favorite restaurant, café, or theater is at all times of the day, in half an hour increments.
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    Similar to Yelp, this app relies on the feedback of others to relay noise levels. You can leave your own feedback, as well as actually figuring out the actual decibel level using the microphone on your phone. If the restaurant is noise-friendly, an ear symbol will appear next to the listing. Users can also indicate whether or not the staff in a particular location is happy to turn the volume down. The iHearu app states that it seeks to “to enhance social and communication opportunities for all. We are advocates for healthy hearing and have developed this tool as a way to create change. Together we can create and access ear-friendly spaces.”

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  • Restaurant management

    Restaurant management

    Restaurants are fast-paced, high-performance work environments where every minor or major aspect must come together to make the business a roaring success. It is a stressful business that leaves little or no margin for error, and it is extremely important to have high-class technology-based solutions and tools at your disposal if you want to make a success out of your restaurant business.

    At Bizmax, we offer you industry-leading technological solutions for restaurants which you can use to take things up a notch and give your workers the perfect platform on which to build culinary perfection and loyal customer base.

  • Restaurant Management Software

    Restaurant Management Software

    This is a perfect solution for multi-location restaurant and franchise business. This facility is available on mobile, tablet and computer.

  • Restaurant Software

    Restaurant Software