• Assembling scaffolding for constructions

    Assembling scaffolding for constructions

    Assembling scaffolding is a time-consuming process. Around 80 percent of that time is spent moving scaffolding parts from one place to another.
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    This new robotic scaffolding assistant cuts down the assembly time by around 42 percent. The robot travels up and down and back and forth along the scaffolding, delivering equipment to workers. It uses a path-finding algorithm to locate itself along the track. The robot also cuts down on injuries, since it takes over a lot of the heavy lifting previously done by human workers.

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  • Dissolvable package

    Dissolvable package

    Paper cement sack that disappears in the mixer, eliminating packaging waste, minimizing handling time and creating a cleaner and safer workplace. It is based on innovative science and a patented 2-ply barrier solution.

  • Laser Guided Screeds

    Laser Guided Screeds

    Laser-guided screeds are designed and manufactured using cutting-edge technology to automate the process of flat finishing concrete.The equipment is essential in the construction of every structure, building, warehouse or facility that requires a flat floor.

  • Manhole Cutter

    Manhole Cutter

    The manhole cutter gives you flexibility when it comes to compatible loaders, cutting control and coring bits. What’s more, the manhole cutter will help you reduce the time and labor required to remove a manhole frame from asphalt or concrete pavement, saving on your overall costs.