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  • Balance Disorder Diagnosis Device

    Balance Disorder Diagnosis Device

    Balance Disorder Diagnosis Device is a new age advanced and professional comprehensive balance assessment solution for diagnosing vertigo and balance disorders. The solution comprises of state of the art eye tracking goggles and software modules powered by robust algorithms. The entire solution has been designed by a team of neuro vestibular professionals and computer vision and image processing experts. The product can be readily deployed in ENT clinics, neuro vestibular labs and balance assessment and vertigo clinics as well as radio diagnostic centers, audiology centers and most of the hospitals.

  • E-Bike


    Ebike is the perfect combination of solution for fitness and rush hour traffic. This leading electric bike is world’s first super light folding electric bikes.

  • Eye Screener Device

    Eye Screener Device

    No matter, how great the technology is unless it reaches the common man it can’t fulfill its mission. The device has been designed in a manner which empowers adaptation to various environmental and makes several business models a possibility. The fact that this device has reached over 1300 installations across 26 countries makes it one of the most versatile screening platforms.

  • Fitness Tracker

    Fitness Tracker

  • Healthcare Collaboration System

    Healthcare Collaboration System