• Cloud spreadsheet

    Cloud spreadsheet

    The spreadsheet software for collaborative teams to create, edit and share spreadsheets online.

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  • Sea Water Waste Management


    Sea Water Waste Management

    Recycling & Waste. … The solid waste contains dissolved salts and organics, algae, sediment, and micro-organisms, as well as ferric sulphate, a common coagulant used in many water treatment facilities worldwide, and which is used in the plant’s pre-treatment process.

  • Smart mailing system

    Smart mailing system

    A courier anyone who’s been given permission to use this deposits mail into a drawer in the smart locker. This system has plenty of drawers of different sizes to accommodate letters, boxes, and other items. Then the tenant gets a message alerting them to pick up mail from the smart locker. They open the drawer by scanning a code with an app on their phone. The whole process is key-free.

  • UTouch