Artificial Intelligence

  • AI Food ordering

    AI Food ordering

    Customers will be able to attach their faces to their customer loyalty accounts. Then, when they come into one of the stores and approach the kiosk’s screen, the kiosk will use its facial recognition software to automatically access their account.
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    This will also remember their favorite order, making the whole process quick and easy. One day soon, customers will be able to pay with just their faces. Also working on robots that can flip burgers and can prep and cut up vegetables.
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  • AI for threat detection

    AI for threat detection

    It has been designed specifically to provide small and medium sized organisations with a simple and practical solution to the increasingly complex challenges of cyber security. Helping organisations with 200 or fewer employees, this system automatically detects in progress cyber threats and alerts customers through its intuitive, narrative-based interface.

    This platform seamlessly understands and correlates data across the entire digital estate, including endpoints, the network, cloud services and Investigator Bots to build a complete picture of threat.
    This platform is simple to use, but not at the expense of losing functionality or capability. It has been designed for security professionals of all levels – from IT teams and CISOs to experienced cyber analysts.

    This system’s unique AI Triangulation prioritises and surfaces only malicious or highly suspicious activity, allowing security teams to focus on what matters most – dealing with genuine threats.

  • AI Speaker

    AI Speaker

    Speakers are an integral part of any home. A company called Second White has integrated artificial intelligence (AI) into its new speaker.
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    Instead of speaking to a listener, it uses light to communicate mood. A light strip runs through the middle. This changes color depending on the music a person is listening to and is also used to determine mood, making for a multi-use speaker.

  • AI Suitcase

    AI Suitcase

    It uses a secure standard Bluetooth enabled lock. It includes a built-in scale that will accurately measure the weight of your suitcase’s contents so you’ll never have to worry about over packing. Includes a GPS chip that helps orient the suitcase and allows you to know the location of it at all times. You can remove the GPS chip and attach it to other things that are easily lost. The battery can be easily removed and is charged with wireless technology. The battery can be used to charge almost all electronics through a USB port and a standard electrical outlet.
  • AI-Based cyber-threats Manager

    AI-Based cyber-threats Manager

    Detects and classifies cyber-threats across your entire enterprise.Using proprietary machine learning and AI algorithms, this system works by passively analyzing raw network traffic to form an evolving understanding of ‘normal’ for every user, device, and subnet in an organization.
    Without presuming to know in advance what activity is ‘malicious’ or not, system independently learns to detect significant deviations, and immediately alerts the organization to emerging threats – from subtle insiders and low-and-slow attacks, through to automated viruses like ransomware.

    Installation is fast, typically taking up to one hour for an initial deployment. The technology immediately starts analysis when installed, producing results within hours and days. No manual configuration or tuning is required, as the system adapts to new environments, user behaviors or business trends, while learning on the job.

  • Automated stainer

    Automated stainer

    Automated slide stainer (benchtop-unit) for simultaneous routine stainer of various slide racks with different staining protocols. Instrument screen to monitor continuously the staining process. … It meets also requirements for special, user-specified staining protocols.

  • Football 4k cam

    Football 4k cam

    Veo has tapped into the problem that many amateur football clubs have. They have plenty of fans but don’t have the funds to televise matches.

  • Frettable app

    Frettable app

    The app is helping amateur and professional musicians by transforming any instrumental sound into readable sheet music. Frettable uses artificial intelligence to transform any sound into written music and gets better the more that it’s used. It can deal with both singular notes and chords and can also handle tabs for string instruments. Frettable also comes with an online community, allowing musicians to collaborate and comment on each other’s work. First created in 2015, the updated technology is set to help musicians of any level.

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  • Interactive Service Robot

    Interactive Service Robot

    Service robots that is mainly built for bespoke interaction with users and is just about to enter our daily lives. Your intelligent personal assistant has a friendly humanoid shape, can perform gestures while speaking and provides additional information on an integrated Android-Tablet.
    Most of the robots are mobile and able to navigate autonomously through their environment. These robots chat, provide targeted information, promote products, dance, monitor the environment, but definitely always grab your attention.

  • SmartCart


    Smartcart is an app that combines artificial intelligence and computer vision in order to recognize items as they are put in your shopping cart. You then pay for the groceries automatically when you exit, without having to wait in any sort of a line.
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    This model is being tested for delis, cafeterias, and hot food bars, too. The Smartcart app was launched in a New Zealand grocery store and is said to be able to help the store with inventory management, cost reduction, and analytics. It is also used as a method for upselling by suggesting recipes or pairings. And finally, it is also considering delivering tailored promotions to the customer.
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  • Virtual agronomist

    Virtual agronomist

    The stress and the guesswork of farming can be taken out by using a “virtual agronomist” to accurately predict crop yield. Why is it so important to predict crop yield? Most commercial farmers pre-sell their produce well before the harvest. This means they need an estimate of the quantity, and quality, of their crops so that they can set a price. Until now, estimates of crop yield have been erratic and unreliable.